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The Aarambh Residency is more than just a hotel. We see it as a place of creation, community and exchange.  Aarambh Residency should become a place where people come together to share and make unforgettable experiences.  

Aarambh (आरंभ) comes from Sanskrit and means “the beginning”. For us the Aarambh Residency symbolises the beginning of a vision. We want you to feel not only as a guest, but as part of a family and community. We want our guests to experience Khajuraho and Indian culture up close and in an authentic way. We believe in a sustainable and enjoyable approach to tourism.  

Our hotel is very centrally located, within walking distance of most of the important monuments of Khajuraho. The main market is only a 5-minute walk away from our hotel. This is where Khajuraho comes to life in the evening.

Whether tourists, adventurers,  family holidaymakers or low budget travelers we have a space for everyone. For alternative travellers, we also offer a place to camp and the opportunity to volunteer in one of our ongoing projects.

Come, stay with us and experience Indian culture, explore Khajuraho and its surrounding wildlife and nature and learn about yoga, meditation and tantra!

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We offer different rooms and services and a beautiful garden area.


Culture, Nature, Wildlife, Yoga, Meditation… and much more to discover in and around Khajuraho.  


Farming, gardening, art & music, teaching… get involved in one of our projects or start your own project.  


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